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Feet Heels Humiliation Worship And Paying.. Findom Part 597

Feet Heels Humiliation worship and paying.. findom part 597

Feet Heels Humiliation Worship And Paying.. Findom Part 597 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Modern Gold Digger

I know you want me. You want a hot, young sexy woman like me. But look at your yourself. You are old and ugly. Why should I want you? I would never touch you, I am too good for you. But you want me so much…..ok, you can have me if you pay me enough. You have to give me lots of money to have me in your life. But still… you can only be my slave. You have to work very hard to satisfy my needs, you have to be making lots of money, you will massage my feet…thats actually the only part of my body you will be allowed to touch. Hahaha, you see? I am the modern gold digger. I will never sleep with you, only use you. Because you are an old fool! Hahahaaaaa

Modern Gold Digger – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Mercedes Enslaves Your Wife

Money slave! From now on it’s not enough that only you have to hand over your hard earned money to me. I have decided that now your girlfriend, or your wife, will do the same.I will use and humiliate her like I use and humiliate you. And while she is licking my feet between my dirty toes you will watch her.Both of you will go to work for me – and you will work quite a lot!!!

Mercedes Enslaves Your Wife – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Lick Our Soles - Hd

Princess Portia and Jasmine Jones are back with a splash… They’re going to tease, humiliate and treat you like a worthless piece of S.H.I.T!

They’re completely relaxing in the jacuzzi after a heavy day of luxury and pampering! You’re only here to perv over their perfect feet and drool over their wet dripping toes, but the bad news for you is It’s that time when the DOMMES need to go shopping again and yes you are paying for the privilege!!!

You know you are a freak loser as you’re totally addicted to their feet no matter what they look like, smell like or taste like! You’ll do anything to get a look and a smell of these soles won’t you? Well it’s time to dig deep and pay up!

Lick Our Soles – Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Meeting Goddess Danielle

The day has finally come LOSER! You have paid 1,000 to have GODDESS DANIELLE in your presence, She’s turned up to your London apartment for an interactive humiliation session and as her biggest fan you’re completely overwhelmed at how unbelievable she looks in the flesh…

However, 1,000 is not enough. Did you ever really think it would be? The second she walked in you were frozen on the sofa. You cannot do anything about the bulge in your pants as you drool over her nylon clad feet and the occasional glimpse of her tight black panties! Nor, are you able to do anything as she hands you your laptop and commands you to log in to your online banking. Being in her presence has only stirred your obsession with her even more and made you even weaker and more desperate to RUIN YOURSELF for her.. There’s never just one payment. You’ll be paying for her for the rest of your sad, pathetic, useless life! Goddess Danielle’s here to get EVERYTHING YOU OWN…

You are being RINSED beyond imagination, as well as more money she’s taking your car, and forcing you to hand over the deeds to your Penthouse, you’re going to pay her an extortionate amount of money every week, until the day you slip off of this mortal coil and are buried six feet under! Goddess Danielle is your only pleasure in life from now on, and hers is money! More importantly! Yours… You’ve been RINSED BITCH!!

Meeting Goddess Danielle – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Be My Human Atm

You are a loser. Your place in life is on yourknee’s placing dollar afterdollar at My perfect feet.Give your loser life purpose and serve as My human ATM!!! $$$$$$

You will need this link: MY WISHLIST

Clip Features: Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Money Slavery and Human ATM


Ha Ha Your Fucked Again

[FULL HD - 1920 x 1080]

You thought you could just Message me & say a few words & get me to talk just a little bit without ANY harm to your Wallet?.. HA HA think Again LOSER!.. In Less than 30 sec flat.. I have you so HARD.. Cockhead Drooling.. Heart Racing.. Cock throbbing over my pretty lil feet.. You beg to see me on cam & think it’ll be for Only 10 min.. But then the moment you see me Live.. You get so weak & pathetic you stay on for 6 Hours.. LOL

*** NOTE: Reminder to Customers ***HD Video files are Larger Downloads.

Ha Ha Your Fucked Again – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Very Nakie Tanning - Full Hd - Naughty Bits

This clips is 100% Voyeur shot!! Nothing has been edited out of it !! It will not be in my members section the only way to get it is to buy it here!! See way more than your loser ass shouldn’t be allowed to just for the fun of fucking teasing you. It has lots of feet, ignoring, and wink-wink.that is why you are going to pay a premium price to be ignored in this clip!!!

Very Nakie Tanning – Full Hd – Naughty Bits – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Hd- I Love Me

I am truly Flawless from head to toe! I am perfection!!! I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE to admire My Gorgeous body, I LOVE to run My perfectly manicured hands all over MY amazing Body! I never want to stop looking at Myself and i know you don’t either. you are a worthless loser who will pay and pay dearly to watch my gorgoeous body, fall under my spell and go broke giving ME everything I want. Buy this clip and begin your trip to financial ruin as you crumble at MY feet!


Teased And Drained

I was having so much fun on webcam with a foot freak I decided to record it…teasing him with heel dangling, and pantyhose feet, the poor freak didnt stand a chance hahahah. no speaking, just the occasional evil laugh at his expense…. Every time I held out My hand freak filled it, in a matter of minutes I had taken nearly $1000.Clip runs for approx 10 mins and contains HEEL DANGLING, FOOT WORSHIP, PANTYHOSE, HUMILIATION, FINANCIAL DOMINATION

Teased And Drained – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]